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I'm very sorry to say that if I visited the two authorized torrent download sites and I appeared to have not found the torrent containing the map file. Even the number of map downloads at EpicWar reached only 87 by the time the announcement was posted. But I'm glad to say that as of the posting date of this announcement, visitors to war3.incgamers.com downloaded the official map 676 times, with over 80 this week. H.R.L. v0.6 is about to be developed by me, so stay tune to this site for more updates about this map version.

I created a list of sites "authorized" by me (perhaps more will be added in the following versions) in order to avoid map "leakage". They are actually the sites I uploaded the official H.R.L. map to. I also updated the download portal (update to the text at the upper part) and the contact page (reCAPTCHA is now required to see my e-mail).

Because the original banner image for this site is not working, I updated the banner with a new name and a different file format. I also added the Arizona (US) download link that I forgot last 05/30/2009 at the standalone map download page.

 H.R.L. has been officially released!

I have released the H.R.L. on this site and from the following sites: IncGamers, EpicWar, FFAReplays, Fenopy, Mininova, and FileFront. Download the map now!


I have changed this site's subdomain recently at yolasite.com. I had also added the "About" link which is what the H.R.L.is. I have also updated the Google Webmaster Code and sitemap for this site.

I will gladly announce that the official mirror links of the Hero Rumble League has been determined. These are:

FFAReplays.com, EpicWar.com, Nibbits.com, War3.IncGamers.com (for the standalone map [with w3x extension])

The site itself, Warcraft3.FileFront.com (for the ZIP archive[the map itself is inside])

MiniNova.org, Fenopy.com, BTJunkie.com, MoNova.org (for the full map package as torrent)

The official donwload links will appear on these sites soon. However, I was sad to say that my attempts to create a RSS feed for this site are failed.
Nevertheless, the home page has an AddThis button to share this site's contents with your friends. I also announced that the official forum of the Hero Rumble League will be hosted by Forumer and will come out after the release of H.R.L. v0.7.
For users that are not fluent in English, the Google Translate Widget in all of the pages of this site will help you.

Please do not use anonymous browsing to get counted among the visitors of this site. Update: The NeoCounter widget on the top right is replaced by three hit counters because of some reason.


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